APG - Atlanta Pacific Group

"Connecting American Business with Asia"

Sales Agent

Have a product you would like to export? Atlanta Pacific Group can establish marketing and distribution channels for you internationally. We can:

- Establish a network of North American sales representatives for your industrial product

- Represent your company at international trade shows

- Provide an American sales office and warehouse


Marketing and Brand Strategy

In addition to our sales services, Atlanta Pacific Group can help develop your brand in North America. We can:

- Manage public relations and social media campaigns

- Create videos

- Implement search engine optimization and online media best practices

- Develop solutions for content marketing


Web Design and Hosting

Want to establish a global audience and develop your brand internationally through the Internet? Atlanta Pacific Group can:

- Ensure your website is ranked high in country specific search queries

- Manage and develop content and website copy in foreign languages to enhance international brand awareness

- Design a multicultural site that adapts your brand and company to meet local tastes and preferences


Product Sourcing

Want to represent American brands and manufacturers in your country? Atlanta Pacific Group can help. Together with our partner, GoExport, we can:

- Negotiate broker agreements with American manufacturers to help you import high quality products for distribution into your country