APG - Atlanta Pacific Group

"Connecting American Business with Asia"

About APG

Atlanta Pacific Group is a sales agency dedicated to promoting international trade and real estate investment opportunities in the Atlanta area and surrounding states to foreign businesses from the Asia Pacific region. Founded by Michael Fenton, the company was created to facilitate trade and investment from China, South Korea and Japan into the United States.

Michael Fenton is an international sales person that has lived in both China and South Korea. He has years of experience working with Asia-based companies and is focused primarily on helping industrial manufacturers establish distribution channels in North America. Michael is a graduate of the University of Georgia and completed an MBA degree on the campus of Tongji University in China.

He is joined by Peter Chen, a native of Atlanta and real estate professional who works with investors from Asia to evaluate, acquire, and manage real estate assets across the United States. Peter holds a bachelor’s degree in International Business from the University of Georgia and a master’s degree in Real Estate Development from Columbia University.    

The duo also provide ancillary services related to education, immigration and finance through their network in Atlanta. Owing to their experience, and more importantly, their passion for international business with Asia, Atlanta Pacific Group wants to become your partner in the United States to grow your business internationally.